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Natural caves in Benidoleig

Visit the natural caves in Benidoleig, located between Benidoleig and Pedreguer with stalagmites and stalactites some more than 300 yards long and great domes reaching heights over 60 feet. If you remember from your geography lessons it's the Stalactites that hang down from the cave hanging tight to the ceiling and stalagmites that grow up from the ground.

Natural caves in Benidoleig There is evidence that the cave was inhabited primarily 100,000 years ago by Palaeolithic man. From these ancient times to the present day there are numerous cases of evidence of how this cave has been used as shelter by man, the remains of bones from large prehistoric mammals and stone utensils and tools have been discovered, these tools were probably used to kill the mammals to provide food for man.

Over the years the cave has beeen used as a sanctuary and shrine with rituals performed and offerings given to ensure the fertility of the local land.

The first explorers to visit the cave at the beginning of the 18th century began documenting the dimensions of the cave and recorded their finding, in 1768 whilst exploring the furthest depths of the caves they un covered the skeletal remains from 12 bodies. It is believed they where remains of medieval Muslim farmers, who had become trapped and died in their search for water. (As written by AJ Cavanilles in 1795). This gruesome discovery gave the caves the name it has today - Calaveres.

This story has become part of the local folk lore and over the years it has given birth to the romantic legend that the cave was once inhabited by an Arabic King named Ali-Moho who sort refuge in the caves with his 150 wives from his harem along with his treasure after fleeing Cid Campeador (El Cid), they became trapped and all inside perished.

During the 20th century the cave was the scene of the first scientific investigations in the field of archaeology and in 1936 was used to store explosives during the civil war. It wasn't until the 1970's that the caves were opened to the public as a tourist attraction.

There is also a gift shop as well as a café next to the entrance of the caves, a visit to the caves at Benidoleig is certainly something different and a very pleasant way to spend a morning or an afternoon.


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